Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Hannah is 20 months old and Craft Giveaway

Seriously, where does the time go? It seems so strange to think my baby is almost two! At this time, some couples would be thinking about having the next baby but I just can't imagine that. Hannah still seems like a baby to me and needs so much more time being the 'baby'

I made Hannah this tutu. Completely impractical but oh so cute-too bad she hates it! :)

The proof.

Calming down and getting a bit happier-still no smiles though.

Finally a laugh after I let her jump on my bed (her favorite pastime).

I won a craft contest on another blogspot. The rules were that I had to turn around and also giveaway a craft. Unfortunately, I am laking in the craft department and can only really do "Girlie" things. The best I can come up with is to giveaway a tutu. I will randomly draw from the comments and contact you if you are a winner. You can specify what color/colors you would like and what age (so I know how big of a waist size) then I will ship it to you for free.

I am lame, and not into the giveaways-but you should see the cute craft I won and then you would know why I had to enter and now do this!

Happy Tutu entering!


Heart on my sleeve said...

Do tutus come in my size???LOL

Heart on my sleeve said...

BTW, I love the first two pictures of her crying!!!

The Harvey's said...

So do we leave a comment here? I want to enter! the tu tu's are way cute!