Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It's been awhile since I last posted but we have been having too much fun enjoying the last few days of summer. I have to admit I am pretty bummed summer is over and school is starting soon-August 25th-for both Carson and I. :( Which is where I need everyone's advice...

I think I am the crazy mom who wants to cry just thinking about sending Carson to school again. I LOVE having my boy around. He is such a good boy and a great helper to me. It is also nice to have the freedom to do as we please-like sleeping in (if Hannah allows it), going to the park, the movies, or whatever we choose to do. I am especially sad because Carson will be in first grade this year-gone from 8:20-2:30.

He is also starting a new school this year with obviously new kids. There isn't one single child from our neighborhood or from his Kindergarten class that will be in his new school. Carson has expressed to me that he would like to go to his old school. Even though he is young, I am sure that he feels comfortable there. I feel anxiety over this for Carson.

Of course, you always want your child to be happy, liked, and fit in. I know Carson will find his niche in his new school but I just want it to be immediate! So does anyone have any advice or ideas on how we can make this transition as smooth and easy as possible? Does anyone have any advice for his crazy hormonal mother?


Janiece said...

April you worry to much! Cason is an Awesome friend to everyone, he is so likeable everyone will just love him at his new school. Remind him that he didn't know everyone when he started Kindergarten and he met lots of new friends by the end of the school year. Maybe ask him to find a friend the first week and then you can plan a play day for him and his new friend so you can get to know him also. Love ya lots keep up the good work you are a great mom!

Heart on my sleeve said...

Ask Cameron if he regrets that I didn't put him in the special school for gifted kids when he was little. I didn't think the trade off--extra stress for him, being away from neighbor and primary kids, was worth it and I think he turned out pretty smart and awesome!

Kim said...

Hey there! I just got reading back on your blog about Carson Muttin Bustin. That is crazy. My kids have been begging me to do it, but I don't dare. Don't worry about the school thing. He will adjust fine. Kids make friends fast. Email me your address so I can give you permissions to my blog. kilovell@yahoo.com
Kim (Profaizer) Lovell